Why NAMI Support Groups Don’t Suck

“Well, we’re sorry Amy. It looks like you were misdiagnosed. You have the symptoms of Bipolar 1.” Well, thank you for the freaking newsflash. For five years, I thought I had Borderline Personality Disorder. I was treated for that disorder. It’s not the same as Bipolar, contrary to what some people believe. It’s treated very differently. What would I do now? Who is going to understand me? I am alone. I will forever be alone. I have lost everything. Bedtimes with my babies, my husband, my job, my lovely house, all…gone. My therapist mentions this thing to me called NAMI. NAMI? What on earth is that? Is it short for tsunami because that’s an accurate portrayal of my current life situation. “

What's your superpower?

Written by Amy L. 3/31/18 My favorite bedtime book with my little girl is definitely not one of damsels in distress. Our nightly ritual revolves around a bunch of bad ass warrior princesses. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, just to name few. Then, there's my DC comic soulmate. If I could mo rph into any superhero form, female or male, it would be the emotional enigma known as Raven. Raven, a leader of the Teen Titans, is not one to be reckoned with. Controlled by emotions, she can easily destroy or heal. It's up to her to harness her energy. Daughter of a demonic beast and a depressed mother, it's no wonder Raven is emotionally charged, to say the least. She had no choice. As some

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