Walking for Our Lives

From all walks of life, whether they walked for themselves, someone they love or someone they lost,hundreds came together with one mission for their steps. They all wanted to stomp out stigma and raisemoney for NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. In one way or another, NAMI has saved them. Carrie Edwards, co-captain of Fight or Flight Dendrites, and presenter for the Ending the Silenceprogram, says “NAMI was there for me when I needed them most. It changed my life through the peerto peer program.” Now, she shares her story through Ending the Silence. However, she says it isn’t being shared enough. “Many schools don’t want to do it yet. They don’t think there’s a need for it.” Edwa

Why Pets are Dangerous to your Health

When I see people out and about with their emotional support pooches and kitties, I often wonder if they know how just how hazardous to their health that companionship truly is. Please hear me out. I didn’t realize just how hazardous to my own health these adorable animals were until I worked briefly at an animal shelter. There I was surrounded by these furry friendlies who seemingly didn’t want anything from me except kind words and silly actions. Didn’t they know or care how they were interfering with my frequent frowning and sloppy self-care? Yes, I showered because I didn’t want to offend the dogs and cats with my own stench. Oh, humans also work there. Oops. Then it happened. As hard as

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