Major Darin Southworth, Ingham County Sheriffs Department, received the NAMI Honors award for Law Enforcement Officer.   


Major Southworth has demonstrated examplary commitment to increasing awareness, compassion, training and understanding for people living with mental illness with his leadership in establishing the Tri-County Crisis Intervention (CIT) training.  Thanks to the dedicated work of Major Southworth and the support of the Lansing Police Department (LPD), Eaton County Sheriffs Department, and Ingham County Sheriffs Deparment, over 120 first responders have received the gold standard training curriculum set by CIT International. This comprehensive training provides the tools needed to recognize mental health emergencies and de-escalate situations when possible to keep first responders and mentally ill individuals safe and to avoid incarceration of people with mental illness.  Congratulations Major Darin Southworth

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