Why Pets are Dangerous to your Health

When I see people out and about with their emotional support pooches and kitties, I often wonder if they know how just how hazardous to their health that companionship truly is.

Please hear me out.

I didn’t realize just how hazardous to my own health these adorable animals were until I worked briefly at an animal shelter. There I was surrounded by these furry friendlies who seemingly didn’t want anything from me except kind words and silly actions.

Didn’t they know or care how they were interfering with my frequent frowning and sloppy self-care? Yes, I showered because I didn’t want to offend the dogs and cats with my own stench. Oh, humans also work there. Oops.

Then it happened. As hard as I tried to fight it, one of them claimed…me. Hey buddy, I got allergies okay. Sneezing. Itchy eyes. Sniffles. That’s part of the reason things didn’t work out so well with my last four pets. Those three sweet kitties and beloved beagle had no idea what was happening. Nature can be so cruel. No issues my entire life, then boom. Allergies.

He doesn’t get it. So, in return, he gets…me. I am now a cat mom again. Terrance is his name. For now. Actually, it’s Terrance Furnow. That will soon change.

As most new parents and families go, we were excited to see, well, what Terrance would tolerate. Enter t-shirts. Kind of a struggle going on, but he left them alone, especially the baggier sporty jersey type. He actually seems to enjoy them?

If you are scared your mouth muscles will atrophy when you smile for the sake of a sweet athletically inclined kitty, having a pet will be hazardous to your health.

They say cats don’t know their names. Well, my Terrance comes…to pretty much anything. T two (as in Tiny Terrance), T Square, Sweet Boy, Sweetie Boy, Sweetest Boy, Terrance Furnow Furgood FurReal Furever (told you it would change), and then the smells of savory steak or tangy tuna in the can. He even meows when he hears me jiggling the lock to return home.

Truth.If you feel nauseated thinking of the ridiculous language you will develop with your furry, feathered friend or scaly pal OR at the thought of someone being excited to see you, then having a pet will be hazardous to your health.

If it makes your head hurt thinking how someone can lovingly lick your face during your ugliest cry or darkest moment, having a pet will be hazardous to your health.

About those allergies. Yeah, I still experience them. They come and go. I never really know when they’ll strike. I do know this. I would rather endure a lifetime of sniffles and sneezes then be without my Terrance for even one day. He is emotional support. My therapist says so.

Happy two month anniversary T2, Sweetest Boy, Terrance Furnow Furgood FurReal and last but oh so certainly not least…Furever.

Note: I am sure you figured this out. I am an animal lover. I absolutely believe pets are fantastic for your health, unless your doctor or heart says differently. Love and light to you, Amy

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